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Appendix G. Important Files


startup files

These files contain the aliases and environmental variables made available to Bash running as a user shell and to all Bash scripts invoked after system initialization.


systemwide defaults, mostly setting the environment (all Bourne-type shells, not just Bash [1])


systemwide functions and aliases for Bash


user-specific Bash environmental default settings, found in each user's home directory (the local counterpart to /etc/profile)


user-specific Bash init file, found in each user's home directory (the local counterpart to /etc/bashrc). Only interactive shells and user scripts read this file. See Appendix K for a sample .bashrc file.

logout file


user-specific instruction file, found in each user's home directory. Upon exit from a login (Bash) shell, the commands in this file execute.



This does not apply to csh, tcsh, and other shells not related to or descended from the classic Bourne shell (sh).

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